Dr Senjuti Seemanta is a Medical Writer at Shohay Health. She completed her MBBS and foundation training at M Abdur Rahim Medical College Hospital, Dinajpur.

Dr Senjuti has published 50+ evidence-based medical articles at Shohay Health, which have garnered over half a million reads, demonstrating her ability to engage and inform readers about critical health topics. She has a keen interest in the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases and tumour pathology, which has led her to co-author papers in Frontiers in Medicine, Annals of Medicine and Surgery and Asthma Research and Practice.

Dr Senjuti has an impressive track record in competitive events, including being the 1st Runner-Up of 13th National Television School Debate Championship 2014 and the 1st Runner-Up of National Children Prize Competition 2011 & 2013. Additionally, she has interned at the Biomedical Research Foundation, enriching her medical knowledge. Dr Senjuti’s well-rounded background and passion for healthcare make her an invaluable asset to Shohay Health.

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