Khaled Saifullah, Co-Founder and CEO of Shohay Health, brings a wealth of experience in leadership development, education technology, and startup advisory to the team.

Prior to joining Shohay Health, Khaled served as the Product Launch Manager of BYLCx, an education technology platform. He recruited and led the initial team and was responsible for bringing the vision to life. In this role, he led the development of 35 courses on 21st-century skills and supervised the development and launch of its website and mobile app.

As an advisor to multiple startups, Khaled assists them in refining their product, marketing, and business development strategies. With Ignite Leadership Consulting, he taught in leadership development programs for mid and senior-level executives at BRAC, Nuvista Pharma, and Bangladesh Bank. He also served as a consultant for UNDP, ILO and Article 19 Bangladesh and South Asia.

At BYLC, Bangladesh’s first leadership training institute, Khaled led the designing of leadership and 21st-century skill development programs, targeting university students and young professionals. He also trained future leadership trainers within the organization, ensuring the continued growth and impact of BYLC.

While at university, Khaled established and served as the founding editor-in-chief of Dhaka Law Review, Bangladesh’s first student-led law review. He holds a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Dhaka and a master’s degree in human rights from the University of Oxford.