CARE Bangladesh

We are proud to have collaborated with CARE Bangladesh on multiple impactful campaigns to promote public health awareness. In partnership with Meta, CARE initiated a global summer campaign to boost vaccine confidence and preventive practices in 16 countries, including Bangladesh, the UK, USA, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Tasnim Jara, a renowned health professional with over 8 million followers, played a significant role in this campaign by creating informative short videos and featuring in static images. Among all country offices, CARE Bangladesh achieved the highest rate of post-sharing, with 17,681 shares. The most engaging and highly shared post (7,630 shares) was a short video featuring Dr. Tasnim Jara.

Building on the success of this collaboration, CARE Bangladesh partnered with us once again for another campaign, this time focusing on driving social behavioral change to increase access to antenatal care.

This partnership demonstrates Shohay Health’s commitment to promoting health education and awareness through impactful collaborations.


We have had the privilege of partnering with the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh—Grameenphone—to create and distribute short videos on COVID-19 preventive practices. These videos were shared through Grameenphone’s social media channels, the most followed in the country, effectively amplifying the message and fostering awareness about the importance of preventive measures in combating the pandemic.

In addition to social media, Grameenphone’s mobile app, MyGP, featured our educational videos, making them easily accessible to users directly within the app.

This collaboration with Grameenphone highlights Shohay Health’s ability to work effectively with partners to create culturally sensitive and locally contextualized content while disseminating crucial information to a wide audience.